My Yoga journey is the journey of my life. It constantly evolves, takes me out of my comfort zone, encourages me to have faith in facing the fear and resistance I create, guides me to walk straight into the fire and burn away those knots and locks that get in the way of me expressing myself fully, truly and openly! I seek always to apply these principles off the mat, accepting its a process of ever learning and growing.

My yoga practice has been the one constant in my life over the years. With a background in Psychology I believe first handed in the potency of Yoga to transform and heal from the inside out. Yoga gives me space in my day, a pause button, and opportunity to create that stop-gap between thought and action. Essentially yoga brings me back into my centre, within the constraints of language, it is alike coming home to my safe, warm, refuge, the place where “life is okay and I am okay....better that, that sweet spot where Life is awesome and so am I. Nowhere else in the world do I feel safe enough to let go, take risks, fall over, get back up and all with a big smile on my face :)

This is the quality of experience I aim to create as a teacher – facilitating a deeper sense of ease, space and release of tension in my students lives on and off the mat. 

With gratitude to my teachers...



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