The practice of yoga is the endeavour of integrating mind and body by directing our attention toward the activity we are engaged in. Yoga is a practice of mindful awareness of the present moment. This practice creates space in our minds to direct our thoughts and actions in a more conscious and deliberate way instead of being caught in a cycle of perpetual and automatic habits / more


Manda was born and bred in North London. Her Yoga journey began over 10 years ago at her local gym. It didn’t take long for Manda to realize that alongside the benefits to her physical health the halo of benefit encompassed both emotional and mental wellbeing. Manda believes first handed in the potential of yoga to energise, empower and transform – inside and out. In essence, Yoga is an embodied practice which encourages students to connect to their centre and learn how to fearlessly express who they are and what is of true importance to more


Manda’s intention as a teacher is to create a safe space for yoga practitioners to explore the ancient discipline in contemporary but not compromised ways. Her teaching incorporates the embodiment of strength, steadiness & balance – encouraging all students, from all walks of life to start where they are, breathe, sweat, play, smile, feel, tune-in. Find a meditative flow and optimal alignment in mind, body & spirit...come flow with me